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poop. pandas. oral hygiene.

Logan Lerman for Interview Magazine. (full size)



Publicity done right in an anti-rape campaign: double-page spread, pages glued to one another. After the reader forcefully separates them, the image above is revealed with the caption “if you have to use force, it’s rape”.



why the fuck is there so much stigma surrounding going to the movies by yourself why the fuck do you need someone to help you sit in the dark and look at a wall for two hours “oh look at that dork they don’t even have a friend to ignore for the entire duration of this event”


Soooo…. This is what I made for Lee Pace’s birthday. It was based on my old work, Book of Ideals. But with more improvement and fun theme.

It’s basically a papercutting of some Lee Pace’s roles in movies and TV which is bound into a book. I wanted to make all his roles into one book, but apparently I haven’t enough time to make them all. So, I chose my four favourites: Ned the Piemaker, Thranduil, Red Bandit/Roy Walker and Calpernia Adams.

Enjoy! And sorry for the noise on the photos. They were taken in my dim-lighted-room in the middle of the night without extra lighting :(





why he lick me

this makes me laugh so hard its so stupid

Diana, 20. words words words; they're all we have to go on

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